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Literary Visual Performing Arts

Literary Visual Performing Arts Talent Management (lvp) is our talent management partner.  Why do we offer this service in-house?  There have always existed talented entertainers able to perform at a high level in several genres at once.  From the days of Vaudeville to the rarely accomplished and aptly named "EGOT" recipient or Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner.    We strongly believe and recommend to all our clients to consider a career in several areas of the arts.  Whether you are an actor with a great singing voice or an author who also plays classical piano or a musician who wants to publish a book!   lvp Talent Management will focus on your career in ALL areas of arts and entertainment while concentrating on building a successful and long-lasting career for our client.

THIS IS OUR BRAND MESSAGE...If realizing your full potential as an artist is the road... GameOnRecords is the ​vehicle! 

Some of our featured clients...

recording artists

actors and models  

author's works

artist's works


Explore your talent...

We have a great relationship with one of the largest talent agencies in the world!  Artists, musicians, actors and actresses often use Explore Talent to expand their brand and artistry.

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